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Do We Need a Socialist Think Tank?

Jason Stahl Jacobin Magazine
Socialist politics come from below, not experts. But that doesn't mean we should cede policy debates to neoliberals.

Tidbits - April 25, 2013

Readers Comments: Henry Kissinger; Richie Havens; Chechnya, Terrorism; Whither the Socialist Left; Korea; Venezuela; Texas Plant; Nude Protests; Robin Hood Tax; Labor's Organizing Model; Announcements: Angela Y. Davis, Feminism & Abolition: Theories & Practices for 21st Century - Chicago - May 3; Labor Historians - AFL-CIO Needs Your Help: Organizing: New & Forgotten Methods; Maudelle Shirek Memorial - Berkeley - Apr 30; Resource: Workers Memorial Day - April 28

Tidbits - March 21, 2013

Published by Portside
Readers Comments on CBC Alternative Budget; Social Security; NY Police Arrest Quotas; Iraq War Ten Years After - Declassified Documents Released; Union Dues Check-Off?; Open Letter to Tony Kushner; Music video against gun violence; Wither the Socialist Left?; James O'Keefe and the Acorn Deception; Unions and Co-ops; Obamacare's Other Benefit; Dolores Huerta in the California Hall of Fame; Neoliberalism & Working Class Resistance in Greece - March 22 forum in New York;...
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