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Vavi’s May Day call: New labour federation set for weekend launch

Greg Nicolson Daily Maverick
A new union federation in South Africa is being formed through the leadership of unions and individuals expelled from Cosatu with the aim of organizing the unorganized -- Cosatu denounced the move as divisive and as leading away from the struggle for jobs and against monopoly capital.

South African Miners Could Lose HIV Treatment Due to Job Cuts

Katie McQue This is Africa
As commodity prices tumble, thousands of South African miners with HIV stand to lose access to treatment if the mining companies’ proposed 11,700 in job cuts go through. While HIV treatment is technically free in South Africa, according to the National Union of Mineworkers many of the workers who lose their jobs could lose access to antiretroviral therapy when they return to their rural communities that may not have adequate healthcare systems in place.


Cosatu Congress Wraps Up With A Declaration Calling For Unity

Govan Whittles Eyewitness News
A special convention of Cosatu -- the Congress of South African Trade Unions -- concluded a special convention rejecting an appeal by the expelled metal workers union to rejoin the federation. The future of former Cosatu President Zwelinzima Vavi was also debated. Although the Federation's unity was preserved and its political orientation was, deep divisions remain.
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