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What This Cruel War Was Over

Ta-Nehisi Coates The Atlantic
The meaning of the Confederate flag is best discerned in the words of those who bore it. In praising the Klan's terrorism, Confederate veterans and their descendants displayed a remarkable consistency. White domination was the point. Slavery failed. Domination prevailed nonetheless. The Confederate flag should come down because it is embarrassing to all Americans. The fact that it still flies, that one must debate its meaning in 2015, reflects an incredible ignorance.

Tidbits - June 25, 2015 - The Racial Divide; Take Down the Flag; Charleston Massacre; Greek Debt; Israeli Nukes; BDS; and more...

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Friday Nite Videos -- June 19, 2015

Nightly Show Panel - Shooting in South Carolina. Bill Would Remove Confederate Flag in South Carolina. Neil Young: Rockin' in the Free World. Lacey Schwartz Talks 'Little White Lie.' Movie: Black and Cuba.

Call It What It Is, Or Be Complicit

Terrance Heath Campaign for America's Future
Reasonable people cannot deny that the Charleston shooting was a racially driven act of terror. To deny the connection between Roof’s actions and extremist rhetoric that tells young people like him that black people are inherently violent and criminal is to be complicit in the actions that such rhetoric inspires.

There's No Such Crime as `Driving While White'

Carl Hiaasen Miami Herald
Best-selling author Carl Hiaasen reflects on the national epidemic of police going after African Americans: When is the last time you heard of a white man in a Mercedes-Benz being pulled over for driving with a broken taillight? It has probably happened somewhere, some time, but there's a better chance of your car being hit by a meteor.

Hundreds of South Carolina Inmates Sent to Solitary Confinement Over Facebook

Dave Maass Electronic Frontier Foundation
Through a request under South Carolina’s Freedom of Information Act, EFF found that, over the last three years, prison officials have brought more than 400 disciplinary cases for “social networking”—almost always for using Facebook. The offenses come with heavy penalties. In 16 cases, inmates were sentenced to more than a decade in what’s called disciplinary detention, with at least one inmate receiving more than 37 years in isolation.
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