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Friday Nite Videos | October 6, 2023

Trump Takes Real Step Toward Becoming House Speaker. Speaker of the House | Randy Rainbow Song Parody. Who Killed Che? Prison Health Care | John Oliver. What if We Bring Back Life From Mars?

The GOP-Speaker-Vote Burlesque

Tom Nichols The Atlantic
If you think the crisis of American democracy is over, the circus in the House should remind you that a significant portion of the Republican Party has no interest in governing, policy, or democracy itself.

Boehner’s Nightmare

Terrance Heath Campaign for America's Future
Boehner announced his resignation from Congress. He’d give himself another month, postpone a government shutdown until he was long gone and couldn’t be blamed for it. He had a ready successor lined-up in the form of Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.). Then it all fell apart.
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