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The War on Protest

Adam Federman Type Investigations
Since 2017, 21 states have passed 41 laws enhancing penalties and fines for common protest-related crimes—part of a wave of nearly 300 anti-protest bills introduced nationwide.

Indigenous Resistance, From Wounded Knee to Standing Rock

David Barsamian - An interview with Nick Estes The Progressive Magazine
This year marks the fiftieth anniversary of a historic event in Native America, the action at Wounded Knee. What was its significance, and why it still resonate with Native peoples. How it connects with the resistance at the Dakota Access Pipeline.

Indigenous Resistance, from Wounded Knee to Standing Rock

An interview with Nick Estes by David Barsamian The Progressive
We didn’t stop the Dakota Access Pipeline, but nonetheless, it was a win. It was part of a longer struggle to radically transform our carbon economy, our extractivist economy.

Friday Nite Videos | April 1, 2022

Overdoses: Why They're Up and What to Do About It. Bob Dylan - Talkin' World War III Blues. Thirst For Justice | Documentary. Staten Island Amazon Workers Vote to Unionize. AI Helps Residents Battle Lead Nightmare in Benton Harbor MI.

Damn Hard Work: The Life of Clyde Bellecourt (1936–2022)

Nick Estes American Indian Movement Interpretive Center
Bellecourt and the American Indian Movement taught us that colonizing society is weak because of its sense of superiority. It has God, guns, and gold, but its soft underbelly is glory. 

Origin Stories

Jacqueline Keeler Counter Punch
people protesting with raised fists and signs reading "defend the sacred" Does the United States have a homeland? Is it truly a nation? Or is it still just a colony that exists to exploit the homelands of other peoples?
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