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Friday Nite Videos | July 11, 2023

Is Donald Trump a Fascist? | Robert Reich. This Is Not a Song, It's an Outburst: Or, the Establishment Blues. We Went To a Trump Rally: What We Heard. Dark Winds Season 2. The High Schooler Who Solved a Prime Number Theorem.

Friday Nite Videos -- Dec 13, 2013 (Movies)

The Egyptian Revolution Behind the Headlines. Hustlers' Convention: The Roots of Rap. Searching for Sugarman. The NSA Is Coming to Town. Rhymes With Smokey Joe.

Searching for Sugarman

In this documentary, two South Africans set out to discover what happened to their musical hero, the mysterious 1970s rock 'n' roller, Rodriguez. You can now see the movie or get the music.

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