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Sonic Seasoning

Andrew Coletti Atlas Obscura
A developing field called “sonic seasoning” suggests a possible link between our experience of sound and taste. In a Oxford University study, subjects consistently connected the “5 basic tastes” with various musical instruments, pitches and melodies.


Was It Something I Hate? the Science of Food Preferences

Nadia Berenstein Cook's Science
In his new book, Einstein’s Beets: An Examination of Food Phobias, the distinguished writer and scholar, Alexander Theroux, discusses some of the current scientific and psychological research into food preferences and aversions


Super-Tasters vs Non-Tasters: What's Better?

Guy Crosby, PhD, CFS Harvard Chan Newsletter
There are genetic differences in our ability to taste food. It has been known for many years that some people are extremely sensitive to the taste of bitter substances, while others perceive little or no bitter taste. The former were called super-tasters and the latter non-tasters. In the middle was everyone else.
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