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It’s Time To Tax the Billionaires

Gabriel Zucman New York Times
The idea that billionaires should pay a minimum amount of income tax is not a radical idea. A global coordinated minimum tax on the superrich will not fix capitalism. But it is a necessary first step.

Friday Nite Videos | December 15, 2023

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How To Better Tax the Rich Men North (and South) of Richmond

Amy Hanauer The Hill
I’ll take the sentiments from both Oliver Anthony and Billy Bragg to honor working class narratives, channel feelings of disempowerment, and push for a more economically just country. Starting with better taxing rich men, wherever they live.

Stashing the Loot in the USA, and How to Stop It

William Minter Africa Is a Country
The Pandora Papers show the US to be a global center of illicit financial flows. Building the political will to curb this requires action in national capitals and global institutions, and also in all the jurisdictions where wealth is hidden.

Friday Nite Videos | June 25, 2021

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Every Billionaire Is a Failure

Christine Emba Washington Post
Instead of debating tweaks at the edges of our tax system, what we should be doing is stretching ourselves to imagine a world where billionaires are impossible.
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