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How Can Washington Properly Fund Its Schools? Do What New Jersey Did.

Jen Graves The Stranger
When, in 1976, New Jersey was in a similar situation [to Washington], the Supreme Court shut down the schools for eight days. The fruits of that conflict remain with New Jerseyites to this day, for the need to fund schools more fairly is what led New Jersey in 1976 to adopt a state income tax for the first time.


Chicago Teachers Union Members To Run Against CTU President Karen Lewis' Leadership Team

Noreen S. Ahmed-Ullah and Ellen Jean Hirst Chicago Tribune
Chicago Teachers Union President Karen Lewis successfully tapped into the wrath of frustrated members and took on Mayor Rahm Emanuel last September when she led the city's first teachers strike in 25 years. On Tuesday, a group of union members said Lewis didn't leverage the strike to get enough from the district — including a guarantee not to close schools — and announced a slate of candidates that will try to unseat Lewis and her team in a regular election set for May
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