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Media Bits and Bytes - November 27, 2018

Media, Tech, and the Next Congress; Net Neutrality After the Midterms; NPR Hypes Amazon; Facebook on the Dock; Homemade Fake News; The Relevant One Hundred

Ion Drive: The First Flight

Researchers from MIT have flown a plane without moving parts for the first time. It is powered by an ‘ion drive’ which uses high powered electrodes to ionise and accelerate air particles, creating an ‘ionic wind’.

Radical Municipalism and Tech

Fully Automated Luxury Communism Newsletter Fully Automated Luxury Communism Newsletter
What we thus need is a strong discussion in how local governments, particularly in cities, can influence technology in a progressive direction.

Why Tesla Is Building City-Sized Batteries

Giant batteries are crucial to the future of power grids everywhere, but they are only one of the zanier forms of energy storage already in use around the country.


How Blockchain Is Poised to Disrupt the Gig Economy

Chris Young Entrprenuer
Workers and unions trying to organize gig workers should stay abreast of technological changes. This author claims rapid adoption of blockchain in the next several years will have major implications for alternative work arrangements.


Algorithms of Oppression

Robert Fantina New York Journal of Books
Search engines aren't the innocent, objective tools they pretend to be. Instead, as author Safiya Umoja Noble argues: “They include decision-making protocols that favor corporate elites and the powerful, and they are implicated in global economic and social inequality.”

Using Technology as a Movement-Building Tool

Rebekah Barber Facing South
"Technology can be used to self-determine as long as we can control it. If it continues to belong to the privileged and powerful, we will always be struggling with it."
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