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Why It Matters That Roseanne and Dan Voted for Trump

Harry Waksberg Splitsider
Most white voters voted for Trump, but not even most working-class white voters voted for him. If Roseanne and Dan Conner voted for Trump, it is not because they are working-class.

Trump's Infrastructure Plan Is Actually Pence's—And It's All About Privatization

Lydia O'Neal and David Sirota Newsweek
The companies’ management of the toll road drew criticism over everything from emergency management to toll increases. In September 2008, for instance, the state ordered a suspension of tolls so residents could evacuate a flood zone, and, as a result, the state had to pay the consortium nearly $450,000 in foregone revenue.

Trump and Schumer Came Close to a Deal.

Dana Bash, Kevin Liptak, Dan Merica and Jeff Zeleny, CNN
Among the items considered: military funding far above the White House's request and, enticingly for Trump, full funding for Trump's border security demands. What was Schumer thinking?


Trump’s Triumph, Labor Resistance?

Peter Olney New Labor Forum
The election of Donald Trump produced a rash of commentaries heralding the death of organized labor, or at minimum an existential crisis. Although these epitaphs are not new and are very overblown, it is true that organized labor prematurely backed the corporate Democrat, failed to elect the candidate it did back, and is left divided over how to deal with the presidency of Donald Trump.


Canadian, U.S. Unions Push for Wage Hike Amid NAFTA Talks

Ginger Adams Otis New York Daily News
Labor leaders in the U.S. have made it clear they are supportive of a NAFTA overhaul — but only if it helps eliminate the wage gap with Mexico and includes Canada’s long-shot demands for labor reform.

Distorting the MS-13 Threat

Sonja Wolf NACLA
The Trump administration’s depiction of Central American gang members conveniently overlooks the United States’ role in perpetuating gang violence at home and abroad.
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