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Tidbits - May 21, 2015 - Victories in Philadelphia, Los Angeles; Third Party Builders; The Nakba; David Letterman Show and whiteness; Educators Make a Difference; more....

Reader Comments- Progressive Wins: Philadelphia / Los Angeles; Third Party Builders Meet; What U.S. Really Owes Black America; Thirty Years After MOVE Bombing; The Nakba: The Intentional, Deliberate Dispossession of Palestinians; Remembering Guy Carawan; David Letterman Show and whiteness; Educators and School Staff Make a Difference; Mike Brown Would Have Been 19; Announcements- Greece Solidarity 4 All U.S. Tour; Left Forum 2015 Today in History-Post-War Strike Wave


NYSUT Election Signals New Rift

Rick Karlin
New York State United Teachers ousts incumbent President and elects Karen Magee and her entire slate. Ms Magee is NYSUT's first female President. She had the support of New York City's United Federation of Teachers as well as the Professional Staff Congress. The vote was seen as a repudiation of the incumbents close relationship with Governor Cuomo.
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