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Evil Geniuses: The Unmaking of America – a Recent History

Matt Sharpe Marx & Philosophy Review of Books
"There have been many books on neoliberalism and financialization," writes reviewer Sharpe, but few others "have traced the history down to the level of individual documents and memos."

The Contemporary U.S. Right’s Roots in 1930s Union-Busting

Kathryn Olmsted, Sasha Lilley Jacobin
The roots of the modern US right lie in the California fields of the 1930s, where large growers ferociously resisted farmworker organizing. It’s a reminder that opposing working-class power has been central to the US right from the very beginning.


This America: The Case for the Nation

Scott Detrow NPR
Lepore argues, says reviewer Detrow, that "advocates for liberal democracy ceded the field of studying and interpreting American history to nationalists." Democracy's defenders must retake the initiative of telling our nation's stories.
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