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Dolores Huerta Documentary Opens September 1

Latino Rebels; Sharis Delgadillo
Dolores Huerta has contributed to movements for union rights and social justice since the of the United Farm Workers (UFW). Working with Cesar Chavez, Philip Vera Cruz and others, she helped found what became the UFW. Today, now 86, she works in supporting union democracy, civic engagement and empowerment of women and youth in disadvantaged communities. The UFW changed the nature of labor organizing in the Southwest contributing to the growth of Latino politics in the US


From War Protestors to Labour Activism: India’s First IT Workers Union is Being Formed in Tamil Nadu

Vinita Govindarajan
A group of young professionals, who initially organized to protest the treatment of Tamils in Sri Lanka, went on to form the Young Tamil Nadu Movement to highlighting problems such as caste oppression, minority rights and gender inequality in the workplace. They have since established the Forum for Information Technology Employees with chapters in nine cities including Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Mumbai and Delhi.

Let's Get to Work

Erik Forman Jacobin
"Salting" built the early American labor movement -- and it can revive it today.


Ohio Factory Workers Fight for a Union: "Everyone Deserves a Seat at the Table"

Jeff Schuhrke Working In These Times
The Fuyao plant in Ohio illustrates changing trends in U.S. manufacturing jobs, which are beginning to resemble jobs in the fast food and retail sectors. While manufacturing is still popularly associated with living wages and competitive benefits, one-third of the families of frontline factory workers are now forced to go on public assistance due to substandard pay and benefits...


Interview: Busting the Myths of a Workerless Future

Chris Brooks, Kim Moody Labor Notes
Where’s our economy headed? Soon every factory worker will have to start driving for Uber, and the trucks will drive themselves—at least so the business press tells us. But Kim Moody, co-founder of this magazine and the author of many books on U.S. labor, paints a different picture. Chris Brooks asked him to cut through the hype and describe what’s coming for working people and the opportunities for unions. This is Part 1 of an interview with Kim Moody.
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