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The Academic Proles on the Barricades

Harold Meyerson American Prospect
12,000 striking postdoctoral scholars reached a tentative agreement with the University of California to boost their wages and benefits.


Graduate Students on Strike

Members of United Auto Workers Local 2865 Jacobin
UAW Local 2865 has called a strike. For many grad students, the very idea of a contract governing the limits and conditions of our labor is a source of skepticism and even derision. This system is not an alternative to the working world - it is the model every employer would eagerly adopt. Far from prefiguring an emancipated society, the university offers a foretaste of the total domination of workers by management.


University of California Workers Strike Against Harassment

Samantha Winslow Labor Notes
The university campus workers joining the medical center workers in the ULP strike have also had similar concessions forced on them. Campus workers struck in 2005 and sympathy-struck in May, but this is the first time both groups have struck together. Unionized graduate students, members of UAW 2865, are sympathy-striking this time.
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