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Death and Displacement: A USAID Export

Victoria McKenzie and Steven Cohen NACLA
woman pouring water USAID has funded the Cerrejón Foundation, charitable arm of Cerrejón mine in Caribbean Colombia, to the tune of millions. Its community development projects are a front tied to long history of displacement, violence, and death.

Statement of Unity on the U.S.-North Korea Summit

Korean Americans and Allies Zoom in Korea
peace in Korea demonstration It is our hope that the Korean Peninsula–once a land of strife, brutalized by over a century of colonization, division and war–will become a source of strength and inspiration for all as a beacon for peace, reconciliation, and unification...

Rojava, a Socialist-Feminist Bastion in Syria, is Under Siege

Meredith Tax The Indypendent
In the middle of a war zone, despite constant attack and a Turkish and Iraqi-Kurdish economic blockade which has cut off access to sufficient food, medical supplies, and electricity, the four million people of Rojava are trying to build a new kind of feminist democratic politics.

Trump Drones On: How Unpiloted Aircraft Expand the War on Terror

Rebecca Gordon TomDispatch
What are U.S. forces doing in Niger? Apart from the uranium that accounts for over 70% of Niger’s exports, there’s little of economic interest to the United States there. The real appeal is location, location, location.
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