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A New Pentagon Papers or the Same old Almost Endless War?

Howard Machtinger Portside can blame the lack of an antiwar movement in part for the failure to stop the war sooner, the price Afghanis and Americans have paid for this failure, and the ceding of credit for US withdrawal to President Trump.

Between the Great Migration and Growing Exodus: The Future of Black Chicago?

William Scarborough, Iván Arenas, and Amanda E. Lewis Institute for Research on Race and Public Policy, University of Illinois at Chicago
Inequitable access to public goods and economic opportunities must be immediately remedied, while continued consciousness of racial justice is necessary to ensure future changes in the city do not disproportionately disadvantage black residents.

The Injustice of This Moment Is Not an `Aberration'

Michelle Alexander The New York Times
demonstrators protesting police murder of Freddie Gray No issue has proved more vexing to this nation than the issue of race, and yet no question is more pressing than how to overcome the politics of white supremacy...that threatens our ability ever to create a truly fair, just and inclusive democracy.

Coalitions of Convenience, Periods of Polarization

Van Gosse Organizing Upgrade
The Democrats are the through-line in U.S. political history, which is the first reason we need to understand them. A second reason is that figuring out the left’s relationship to the Democratic Party is crucial for left strategy today.

Du Bois and the Jefferson School of Social Science

Denise Lynn Marxist Sociology Blog: Theory, Research, Politics
At the Jefferson School students were expected to study Marxism and to take that education into the street in mass actions including protests, and political organizing. This mission resonated with Du Bois’ goal to create inter-racial solidarity.

Tidbits - Dec. 26, 2019 - Reader Comments: Impeachment-GOP Stirrings, Trump Sanity, First Impeachment, Mormon Women; Tulsi Gabbard; Year of White Racist Terrorism; Witness at the Border-Brownsville TX; Poor People’s Assembly and March-Washington;

Reader Comments: Impeachment - GOP Stirrings, Trump Sanity, Racism and First Impeachment, Mormon Women; Tulsi Gabbard; Resource - Year of White Racist Terrorism; Witness at the Border-Brownsville TX; Poor People’s Assembly and March-Washington, DC;

What’s Wrong With the Republicans?

Rebecca Gordon Tom Dispatch
The Trump Republican Party has inherited, and continues to make use of, the legacies of this nation’s twin evils: slavery and imperial expansion. Today's Republicans are very different from those of the Nixon era.
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