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This Week in People’s History, Mar 5–11

Engraved image of the 1770 Boston Massacre If This Be Treason (in 1774), War Is Such an Ugly Word (1919), U.S. Thumbs Nose at International Law (1984), International Women's Day! (1914), Joe McCarthy's Dam Cracks (1954), Whose Streets? Our Streets! (1969), Big Win for Miners' Health (1969)

America Is Not a Democracy

David Dayen American Prospect
The movement to save democracy from threats is too quick to overlook the problems that have been present since the founding.


Despite the Losses, the Singing Continues

Luis Rodriguez Capital & Main
From rust belt assembly lines to Amazon warehouses, former Los Angeles poet laureate Luis Rodriguez reminds us that labor has always been at the center of the American story.

America’s ‘Untouchables’: the Silent Power of the Caste System

Isabel Wilkerson The Guardian
Martin Luther King Jr. and his wife Coretta, visiting India in 1959. More than a century and a half before the American Revolution, a human hierarchy had evolved on the soil of the future United States. To comprehend the current upheavals one must understand the human pyramid encrypted into us all: the caste system.

Guns? Yes. Masks? No. And Gestapo in Portland.

Max Elbaum Organizing Upgrade
Only in the U.S.A. does a large section of the population think owning an assault weapon is a sacred right, but wearing a mask in a pandemic is a restriction on liberty.
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