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How Bondage Built the Church

Tiya Miles The New York Review
Rachel Swarns’s recent book about a mass sale of enslaved people by Jesuit priests to save Georgetown University reminds us that the legacy of slavery is simultaneously the legacy of resistance

Left Unions Were Repressed Because They Threatened Capital

Victor G. Devinatz Jacobin
During the 20th century’s two red scares in US and Canada, Wobblies and Communist-aligned unions faced fierce repression from employers and government. They were targeted because they were seen as posing a real threat to the capitalist social order.

This Week in People’s History, Mar 19–25

Supporters of striking hospital workers marching through Charleston, S.C. Hospital Workers Win (in 1969), Virginia Racists Split Hairs (1924), Anti-Racist Education Rules (1969), Protesters Beat the Rap (1969), German Troops in Rome (1944), The Fork Not Taken (1989), An Unemployed Army (1894), Transatlantic Slave Trade

This Week in People’s History, Mar. 12–18

Huge pile of abandoned streetcars on the scrap-heap Who Wrecked the Trains? (in 1949), Forward Ever, Backward Never! (1979), Take Your Blacklist and Shove It! (1954), Ain't Gonna Let Nobody Turn Me 'Round (1964), Paris Commune and Marx (1884), Terror in Nicaragua (1984), Terror in Arkansas (1899)

This Week in People’s History, Mar 5–11

Engraved image of the 1770 Boston Massacre If This Be Treason (in 1774), War Is Such an Ugly Word (1919), U.S. Thumbs Nose at International Law (1984), International Women's Day! (1914), Joe McCarthy's Dam Cracks (1954), Whose Streets? Our Streets! (1969), Big Win for Miners' Health (1969)

America Is Not a Democracy

David Dayen American Prospect
The movement to save democracy from threats is too quick to overlook the problems that have been present since the founding.


Despite the Losses, the Singing Continues

Luis Rodriguez Capital & Main
From rust belt assembly lines to Amazon warehouses, former Los Angeles poet laureate Luis Rodriguez reminds us that labor has always been at the center of the American story.
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