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The Truth About the Measles - The return of the world's most contagious disease.

Annie Sparrow This article appeared in the March 23-30, 2015 edition of The Nation.
Measles, like polio and smallpox, is a horrible disease - it's still a major killer of young children in the developing world. The creation of a vaccine was widely welcomed. Measles is so contagious that it is used as the indicator disease to show deficits in immunization coverage of all vaccine-preventable diseases-which means the problem goes well beyond measles. We are now seeing outbreaks of whooping cough in the US, mumps in Britain and tuberculosis more widely.

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Measles: Not Just for Anti-Vaxxers

Beth Skwarecki PLOS blogs
Anti-vaxxers, your children don’t catch measles and then take it home like a jar of fireflies to enjoy alone or with a few close friends. Instead, they may unwittingly spread it to babies, people with certain medical issues, and a small percentage of the people who have done all they can to try to protect themselves but in whom the vaccine doesn’t work.

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The History of Vaccines

From the beginning of experimentation over one thousand years ago to the creation to modern vaccination techniques, millions of lives have been saved from deadly diseases. This motion graphic created for Carrington College is an excellent explanation of how vaccines have changed the practice of medicine forever.

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