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The History of Vaccines

From the beginning of experimentation over one thousand years ago to the creation to modern vaccination techniques, millions of lives have been saved from deadly diseases. This motion graphic created for Carrington College is an excellent explanation of how vaccines have changed the practice of medicine forever.

Friday Nite Videos -- October 24, 2014

You Don't Own Me (music video). Vaccine Delivery: The Last Mile. Behind the Scenes: Big Beverage. "We Want a Co-op!" Google VP Leaps From Stratosphere.

Vaccine Delivery: The Last Mile

You've walked for several hours to get your baby vaccinated. But the clinic has run out of vaccines -- or the healthworker hasn't turned up because his motorcycle broke. These problems are typical along the last mile or so of a vaccine's journey from factory to child in Africa. In this film we hear how Riders for Health are tackling the transport problem. They hope to reach every child, wherever they live and however difficult the journey might be.

Read more in the Nature Outlook: Vaccines.

Polio's Moving Target

In 2012 Ewen Callaway travelled to Northern Nigeria to learn more about the global polio eradication effort. Nature Video joins him on the search to find one of the virus' last remaining strongholds in remote nomadic communities that the vaccines couldn't reach.

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