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This Week in People’s History, Jan 30-Feb 5

Cartoon depicting improper post-war cooperation between the U.S. military and Nazi soldiers Nazis in the Woodwork (in 1964), Nixon's Crime-Control (1969), Sorry, We Forgot the Casing (1969), Slavery By Another Name (1909), Segregated Schools in NYC? Sure. (1964), E.P. Thompson at 100 (1924), Ugly Americans (1899), Justice Delayed (1994)

How Police Culture Has Reshaped America

Cristina Beltrán New York Times
America’s wars on drugs, crime, terrorism and more — along with our endless involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan — have created a weapons-saturated politics of policing, border control and mass incarceration. This reshaping is not one-dimensional...

George Floyd's Death Is a Failure of Generations of Leadership

Elizabeth Hinton The New York Times
Policymakers in the 1960s had the answers - give political and economic power to the people - but walked away. Instead, policymakers blamed black people for the instability, ignoring the buildup of centuries of racial oppression.
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