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This Week in People’s History, Jan 30-Feb 5

Cartoon depicting improper post-war cooperation between the U.S. military and Nazi soldiers Nazis in the Woodwork (in 1964), Nixon's Crime-Control (1969), Sorry, We Forgot the Casing (1969), Slavery By Another Name (1909), Segregated Schools in NYC? Sure. (1964), E.P. Thompson at 100 (1924), Ugly Americans (1899), Justice Delayed (1994)

My Seventy Years and the Departed GDR

Victor Grossman Portside
I defected to the GDR 70 years ago, finding neither Utopia nor the hunger, poverty and misery American media might have led me to expect. I hope that new generations learn from the GDR, and not only from its blunders, nasty habits and limitations.

Sixty Years After The Berlin Wall

Victor Grossman Portside
The German media, always happy about another juicy anniversary, has for days been marking the date, sixty years ago, when the “Berlin Wall” was constructed - August 13 1961 – proof that the ”real-socialist” system in East Germany was a failure.
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