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A Dose of Optimism, as the Pandemic Rages On

Donald G. McNeil Jr. New York Times
The months ahead will be difficult. But the medical cavalry is coming, and the rest of us know what we need to do. The final death toll from Covid-19 will depend both on how we behave going forward and how quickly innovations arrive.

The Global Struggle to Control the Coronavirus

Amy Davidson Sorkin The New Yorker
Defeating COVID-19 has to be a joint project, as if the whole planet were racing to get to the moon together. Every nation can contribute, including those whose voices are less often heard. And no one can be left behind.

Polio Declared An International Health Emergency

Maryn McKenna Superbug/Wired
In a move that is simultaneously discouraging, urgent and deeply unusual, the World Health Organization has declared that the resurgence of polio is a “public health emergency of international concern.” The WHO, the CDC, the fraternal organization Rotary International and a raft of partners have been pressing an international and very expensive eradication campaign since 1988. Every time the world has gotten close, though, polio has flared up again.
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