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Friday Nite Videos | October 5, 2018

A Conversation on Consent. Willie Nelson - Vote 'Em Out (Texas Rally for Beto). Trump Takes a Stand for the Real Victims: Men. Movie: Vice. GOP Sen. Lisa Murkowski Explains 'No' Vote on Kavanaugh.

Friday Nite Videos -- January 22, 2015

A short compilation of hard times music. Run DMC Hard Times. Ry Cooder No Banker Left Behind. Josh White Hard Times Blues. Willie Nelson Summertime. Charlie Palloy Buddy Can You Spare a Dime.

Willie Nelson -- Summertime

Willie Nelson shares his redition of Summertime (Ira and George Gershwin), the title track of his upcoming album.

Friday Nite Videos -- April 24, 2015

Videos: Fraud city: Atlanta & Wall Street. Football Town Nights. Battle for the Internet. Greece: Austerity Isn't Working. Willie Nelson & Trigger.
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