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To Make Unions Resonate Again, Study the CIO’s History

Declining union density has diminished American workers’ awareness of labor organizing, pride in union status, and sense of belonging to a tradition of collective struggle. The history of the CIO can teach us how to embed unions in the working class


Bella Abzug - The Fighter

Maggie Doherty New York Review of Books
On the feisty congresswoman’s posthumous return to the spotlight. Abzug’s encounters with sexism pushed her toward feminism, and so did the support she received from female constituents and supporters after she was elected.

It’s Time to Re-Radicalize the Abortion Movement

Jenny Brown Jewish Currents
We shouldn’t despair. The real power lies with the people, not the Court. The Women’s Liberation Movement raised consciousness, raised hell, and raised the banner for “Free Abortion on Demand” when abortion was illegal in all 50 states


Women, The New Social Problem

Meghan Falvey n+1, Issue 5: Decivilizing Process
The review slams four female writers for misdiagnosing the alienation attendant to contemporary women's roles by urging changes in behavior without analyzing the work/household dynamic and persistent gender inequality, preferring either a retreat into so-called womanly roles or encouraging masculine-style individualism. They ignore redefining attitudes toward care and care workers, and securing for them social recognition and material support.


Can We Combine Intersectionality with Marxism?

Laura Miles International Socialism, Issue 151
While a sharp contribution to discussions of women's oppression and liberation, the book under review is faulted for not demonstrating the actual radical connection between class and other forms of oppression. While rejecting a tendency to reduce Marxism to a one-dimensional critique of class, the book's author is faulted for downplaying the limits of intersectionality as not articulating--but instead fudging--the existing gulf between identity politics and Marxism.
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