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A Single Father Dreams of a Bernie Victory

Nicholas Powers The Indypendent
So what if Bernie won? What would that mean? I would feel seen as a worker. I need that. We work and work and work and are too tired to see the future. We need better.

Capitalism, Democracy, and Du Bois’s Two Proletariats

J. Phillip Thompson Items: Insights From the Social Sciences
What could emerge from an understanding of the struggle between the two proletariats and its connection to US democracy and institutions is a more powerful and forward-looking narrative of class and race than either a utopian universalist liberalism or a narrow-minded working class incapable of advancing democracy.


In No One We Trust

Joseph E. Stiglitz The New York Times
Rising inequality means rising distrust: A study published last year by the National Academy of Sciences suggests that the upper classes are more likely to engage in what has traditionally been considered unethical behavior. . . Economic inequality, political inequality, and an inequality-promoting legal system all mutually reinforce one another. . . As always, it is the poor and the unconnected who suffer most from this, and who are the most repeatedly deceived.
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