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Media Bits & Bytes - Send Lawyers, Guns & Money edition

The right to be left alone; Verizon's plans for the Internet; The rise of social commerce; Journalistic ethics?; Internet mavens talk money & politics, Culture, commerce, online shopping, politics, money, corruption

Rise of social commerce - Influencing how people spend for shopping online,Startups FM

Destroying the Right to be Left Alone

By Christopher Calabrese and Matthew Harwood
September 22, 2013

For at least the last six years, government agents have been exploiting an AT&T database… filled with the records of billions of American phone calls from as far back as 1987.

You're probably assuming that we're talking about another blanket National Security Agency (NSA) surveillance program focused on the communications of innocent Americans, as revealed by the whistleblower Edward Snowden. We could be, but we're not. We're talking about a program of the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), a domestic law enforcement agency.

Verizon's Plan to Break the Internet

By Timothy Karr
September 18, 2013
Free Press

The company is trying to overturn the Federal Communications Commission's Open Internet Order, which prevents Internet service providers from blocking, throttling or otherwise discriminating against online content.

And in court last Monday, Verizon lawyer Helgi Walker made the company's intentions all too clear, saying the company wants to prioritize those websites and services that are willing to shell out for better access. She also admitted that the company would like to block online content from those companies or individuals that don't pay Verizon's tolls.
In other words, Verizon wants to control your online experience and make the Internet more like cable TV, where your remote offers only the illusion of choice.

The Rise of Social Commerce

By Shea Bennett
September 23, 2013
AllTwitter (Mediabistro)

Did you know that the term "social commerce" was first introduced by Yahoo in November, 2005?

Since (and even before) then, social commerce has changed the way that we shop online. Global e-commerce sales are expected to top $1.2 trillion this year, and platforms such as Twitter and Facebook are driving a growing chunk of that change.

How the Entertainment Cycle Brings Out the Best & Worst Journalism

By Kelly McBride
September 18, 2013

For journalism to survive in this environment, professionals need to minimize the roar in the echo chamber and let the insightful revelations be heard. So how do you do that? For one thing, stop repeating what you hear on social media just because it has the hallmarks of a story about to go viral. Instead, elevate the pursuit of the truth.

Reinventing Money in Politcs
Video Roundtable
July 11, 2013


"We took on an absolutely critical problem that needs to be solved soon: money in politics. The conversation focused on how we could scale up outside public pressure to force real system change on how Big Money funds politics - and then blocks reform."

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