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Meet the Faces of Eviction

The housing crisis is not over. Millions of families today face unjust eviction and foreclosure.

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Suzette Ancheta, Chicago resident trying to buy back her home from Freddie Mac,

One person, Mel Watt, controls the fate of millions of families.  Mel Watt is the head of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, which together control more mortgages than any single bank in America.  Families facing eviction and their advocates across the country fought hard for President Obama to appoint Mel Watt hoping that he would stop the suffering in our communities.  But after a year and a half, Watt has failed to provide relief for these families and is still putting them out on the street!Please take action now to let Watt know that we need principal reduction in order to keep our homes and neighborhoods stable.

The families and individuals suffering are not faceless.  The faces include Suzette Ancheta, a 65 years old woman and her family, who are facing eviction from Freddie Mac, and the Morales family, a working-class immigrant family facing eviction from CitiBank, among many others.

In Chicago today, Centro Autónomo, Communities United Against Foreclosure and Evictions, and SOMOS Logan Square will be demanding that Mel Watt stop the unjust evictions by doing principal reduction and selling homes to non-profits that will keep families in their homes.

Take Action

Latino, Black, and white community members will carry out a series of demonstrations outside some of the major banks in Chicago’s financial district today. The action will be linked to a  national social media campaign led by the Fannie/Freddie National Housing Coalition, the Right to the City Alliance and the Center for Popular Democracy. “We are the faces of Eviction.”

Join us in tweeting or sharing stories on your tumblr page. Sample tweets:

The housing crisis is not over. We need #principalreduction to help people get their homes back.

Those families evicted or displaced are not faceless. See our stories here.

The social media campaign includes stories, quotes, video and pictures of the many families still facing eviction.

“I am The face of eviction, We're still here, and we aren't leaving” -  Suzette Ancheta


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