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UC Santa Cruz Fires 54 Graduate Students

Vivian Ho The Guardian
Termination letters were sent to those students protesting for a cost-of-living adjustment amid California’s housing crisis

How Unions Can Solve the Housing Crisis

Erik Forman In These Times
The labor movement once built 40,000 units of low-cost co-op apartments for working class New Yorkers. Those units are embers of a vision that once fired the labor movement: Build for human need, not for profit. Labor can build it again.

Tenants Together: Stories, Struggles, and Strategies

Tenants Together Tenants Together
tenants demonstration in San Francisco It's been an exciting and challenging summer for California tenants. The good news: through our collective power, we are fighting back. Here's just a slice of the work Tenants Together and our members, partners, and allies are doing this summer!

Notice to Vacate

Kelley Cutler The Stansbury Forum
homeless man Cold winter winds whipped under the freeway overpass. A piece of paper tied to a green tent with a rubber band flapped in the wind. The message on the paper read: “RESOLUTION DAY: TUES. FEB. 27th, 2018” “NOTICE TO VACATE”… “Persons who refuse to vacate area may be subject to citation and/or arrest."

2,461 Evictions … Every Day

Homes For All Homes For All
map of eviction in USA For the first time we have raw data on the magnitude of the eviction crisis that so many people in our communities already know from firsthand experience.
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