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labor AFSCME Pres. Lee Saunders on Hillary Clinton’s Victories in Florida, Ohio, Illinois, and North Carolina

President Lee Saunders, American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees, statement congratulating Secretary Hillary Clinton on her victories in Ohio, Illinois, North Carolina and Florida.

AFSCME Pres. Lee Saunders issued the following statement on Sec. Hillary Clinton’s victories in yesterday's primaries:

“Working people turned out for Secretary Hillary Clinton in the Florida, Ohio, Illinois, and North Carolina primaries yesterday because they trust her to be the champion our families need in the White House and to deliver on her promise of breaking down the barriers that hold our communities back.

“Hillary Clinton has the most detailed and progressive plans to raise incomes – including holding CEOs and corporations accountable, reducing the burden of student debt, and making it easier instead of harder for working people to join together in strong unions. That’s why the majority of union members nationwide chose to endorse Hillary Clinton, and are supporting her at ballot boxes and caucuses across the country.

“AFSCME public service workers helped to lead the joint-union GOTV efforts that were instrumental to Secretary Clinton’s victories. AFSCME members in yesterday's primary states joined with other working families to knock on tens of thousands of doors and turn out thousands of early vote supporters. As Secretary Clinton continues to expand her delegate lead and the start of the general election approaches, public service workers will never quit working to elect a president who shares our passion for public service.”

AFSCME's 1.6 million members provide the vital services that make America happen. With members in hundreds of different occupations — from nurses to corrections officers, child care providers to sanitation workers — AFSCME advocates for fairness in the workplace, excellence in public services and prosperity and opportunity for all working families.


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