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Friday Nite Videos -- February 3, 2016

Resist: How to Triumph in Trumpland. Batbot Flies Just Like a Bat. Trump's Second Week Is as Chaotic as His First. Neruda | Gael García Bernal Movie. Decoding Kellyanne Conway.

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Resist: How to Triumph in Trumpland

Glenda Russell, PhD, focuses on using Trump's election as a springboard to activism. With footnotes.


The Batbot Flies Just Like a Bat

Batbot could give us a deeper understanding of bat navigation and one day aid in search and rescue operations.


Trump's Second Week Is as Chaotic as His First

Seth takes a closer look at the confusion surrounding President Trump's controversial travel ban and his bizarre calls with foreign leaders.


Neruda | Gael García Bernal Movie

When beloved poet and famous Communist Pablo Neruda is forced underground in post-WW II Chile, he sees the struggle with his police nemesis as an opportunity to reinvent himself.


Decoding Kellyanne Conway

In an interview with Chris Matthews, Kellyanne Conway defended Trump's travel ban with inaccurate claims of a “Bowling Green massacre.” Here's what we think she meant.