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“Stand With Reality” Campaign

Reality's trial is set for October 23, 2017. She’s currently facing 10 years in prison for sharing an NSA report with the media about how foreign agents attempted to hack US election systems leading up to the 2016 Presidential elections. For attempting to hold officials accountable to these facts, she’s now facing the wrath of Trump’s Justice Department.

We have less than 10 weeks to stop her from being railroaded and scapegoated for all “whistleblowers” and “leakers.” If the DOJ won’t drop the charge against her, the only way she’ll get anything close to a  fair trial is if the public--including the jury--knows who Reality is and knows about the NSA Report on Russian Hacking at the center of her persecution. Meanwhile, the prosecution is fighting to keep the jury from even knowing what the document in question was about!


1. Drop the Charges – Espionage is Absurd
2. Give Reality a Fair Trial – Release the NSA Report
3. Stop the War on Whistleblowers & the Media
4. Protect the Electoral Process

We have started creating materials and set up to help connect people with infrastructure, experience and resources to share. Here are some ideas & actions we can help with:


  • Form your own “Stand With Reality” Support Group

  • Raise Funds for Legal Defense – Organize dinners, parties, set up tables at public events – we still need to match $50,000 for legal fees by the end of August

  • Spread the Word – Like us on Facebook & Twitter, share posts & news, and sign up for & distribute Stand With Reality Newsletter, distribute flyers & petitions (pdfs to come)

  • Collect Petition Signatures – How many signatures can you get in 10 weeks?

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  • We Need Visuals! – Take #IStandWithReality, #StandWithReality Pictures & Videos

    • Gather around a Banner with your friends & snap a pic – we’ll send the Banner

    • Reality Workout Challenge – Crossfit? Yoga? Can you do a Handstand or Russian Twist? Send us your best shot!

    • Flash Mobs anyone? – Blowing whistles, leaking, truth-telling make great hooks

  • Create Art for Reality – Paintings, Poetry, Murals, Music. Make the movement beautiful!

  • Write, Write, Write!

    • Letters to the Editor, to local media, journalists

    • Blog Posts & Articles

    • Letters, faxes, emails to Department of Justice – the jury needs to see the evidence!

  • Get “Stand With Reality” Statements/Resolutions from:

    • Public Officials & Leaders

    • Political Organizations

    • Community & Advocacy Groups

  • Attend the Trial – Scheduled for October 23, 2017, in Augusta, Georgia

  • Write to Reality (see website for details)

As we all know: Reality Winner should not have been arrested, charged, and locked up, for being suspected of doing the right thing. Election officials need to know if they are specifically targeted by hackers, especially in states like North Carolina, which used the computer systems that were attacked, had major problems on Election Day, and only got confirmation of the cyberattacks by reading The Intercept article in question.

This is the Trump Administration’s first prosecution of it’s kind, and Sessions & Co., intend to make an example of Reality. We have to turn this situation around so that government employees, the media, and others can bring the truth to light even more in the future, not less.

If you are helping Reality already, please get in touch so we can coordinate. If you aren’t yet, please start!

Please see, and you can reach me at

Thank you in advance,