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Cave Not

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'...the whole thing, the hostage taking and the Grand Bargain scam, depends on Wall Street believing that in the end President Obama will cave. Both the House Republican extremists and the Wall Street scam artists believe that they can run this dangerous, destructive game with no risk because the president will in the end give the House Republicans some version of what both the House Republicans and the Wall Street crowd want because he is afraid of the possibility of a default on the nation’s debts..

'But if the president stands firm, and makes clear he works for the American people and has sworn an oath to defend the Constitution, he will quickly separate the House hostage-takers from the Wall Street con men. And then this whole unnecessary, profoundly destructive cycle of events that was set in motion in 2011 will come to an end.

'And that’s why people need to tell the president, “stand tall, we are with you. No negotiating with hostage-takers. Not about the Affordable Care Act, not about the Grand Bargain and certainly not about cuts to Social Security, Medicare or Medicaid, or more giveaways for big corporations that outsource jobs. You won the election. You must defend democracy and you must stand up for the 99%, and that means no more rewarding hostage-takers.” And if the Wall Street geniuses come back to the White House in a panic, the president should send them down the street to the House Republicans. The bankers know the way there.'