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AFL-CIO Policy Director Damon Silvers AFL-CIO Now

Progressive Democrats Fear Showdown Will End in Social Security Cuts

Cole Stangler In These Times - Web Only Feature
Alex Lawson: “In this case,” he says, “it would be trying to substitute out the Obamacare cuts or delays, and substitute in some of these grand bargain approaches. These are ones that are non-controversial, that are seemingly agreed-upon. We think it’s really important to get out in front of any attempts to do that and show that no, these are highly controversial and there will not be support.”

Cave Not

Damon Silvers AFL-CIO Now

“Catfood Commission” Threat Re-emerges Amid Budget Crisis

Carl Bloice Black Commentator
While some of us have been sleeping (metaphorically speaking) Republican senators have been slipping into the White House and over repasts possibly working with Administration staffers on a new version of “Simpson-Bowles."

Don’t Get Complacent About Social Security. They Still Want to Cut It.

Richard Eskow Campaign for America's Future
Activists remain heavily mobilized against Social Security cuts. Progressive groups collected over two million signatures opposing them. Tens of thousands of people signed an anti-cut “birthday card” to Social Security last week on the 78th anniversary of its creation.

Tidbits - May 23, 2013

Reader Comments on Matt Taibbi: Everything Is Rigged; Chiefs Declare Keystone XL Invalid; Rape in the Military; Islamophobia; Real IRS Scandal; Kissinger; Viet Nam War; Cambodia; Marx Banned in Hungary; Announcements: Black Talkies On Parade Film Series - Los Angeles - May 25; The Future of the Left - A Conversation on Socialist Unity - New York - June 5 - event moved to larger location
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