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Tidbits - April 11, 2013

Readers comments: CPI, Grand Bargain, Social Security Cuts; Labor Party Time?; Whither the Socialist Left; Plan B; Thatcher - Reality & Myth; Incredibly Angry Songs About Iron Lady; Forgotten Radical History of March on Washington; Medi-Cal interpreters; How Maggots Heal; Announcements - Two events with Angela Davis - Berkeley - Apr 17; Los Angeles - Apr 19; May Day 2013 - New York; The Labor Film Database In Memoriam: Harry Kelber; Philip Bonosky (memorial Apr 21)

Help Obama Find His Shoes

Amy Dean In These Times
Progressives need to pressure Obama to stick up for workers as promised..."As Obama begins his second term, Republican obstructionism cannot be an excuse for inaction - particularly when it comes to the president's use of his bully pulpit."

GOP No Longer Behaves Like a Traditional Political Party

Ed Kilgore, James Vega and J.P. Green The Democratic Strategist
It's time to face a harsh reality: the GOP no longer behaves like a traditional American political party. It has become an extremist party. Moderates and sensible conservatives need to firmly reject and condemn this deeply disturbing and dangerous trend.
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