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Who in Their Right Mind Would Replace Jeff Sessions? Enter William Barr

The reason, according to William Barr in his Senate confirmation hearings on Tuesday, was his undying love of the Department of Justice itself. His history says otherwise.

William Barr at his Senate confirmation hearing.,Xinhua/Rex/Shutterstock

Donald Trump treated his last attorney general like he was a dimwit defense lawyer who couldn’t understand his basic duties. That was a bit rich – a phrase that should perhaps get carved on to Trump’s tombstone – but it was at least consistent.

Trump simply couldn’t understand Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III, the former senator from Alabama and first supporter of the Trump campaign in the Senate. Here was a man rejected for a judge’s position because of his obvious racism, who warmly embraced the demonization of immigrants at the southern border.

With such fine credentials, why wouldn’t he just do what he was told?