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Media Bits and Bytes - August 11, 2020

Dirt from the digital dust-ups: Trump vs TikTok, Tech moguls in the House, Facebook pants down, and more

Clockwise from top left, Apple's Tim Cook, Google's Sundar Pichai, Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg, and Amazon's Jeff Bezos ,Source: US House of Reps' Judiciary Committee



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Pink Slime: Local News Outlets in Election Mode

By Priyanjana Bengani

August 4, 2020

Columbia Journalism Review

An intricately linked network of 450 sites purporting to be local or business news publications posts stories that are algorithmically generated using publicly available data sets or by repurposing stories from legitimate sources. In the remaining stories that have an authentic byline there is often a conservative bent.

Facebook Foibles

Craig Silverman and Ryan Mac, BuzzFeed News: Facebook employees collected evidence showing the company is giving right-wing pages preferential treatment when it comes to misinformation.

Roger Sollenberger, Salon: Republicans paid huge, strange sums to Facebook and a mystery company for list acquisition.

TikTok Troubles, WeChat Woes

Daniel Van Boom, CNet: Trump effectively banned TikTok and WeChat with executive orders.

Nitish Pahwa, Slate: What happened after India banned TikTok.

Anuj Bhatia, Indian Express: Banning WeChat will have long-term implications on consumers, US-China relations, and the future of the internet.

NBC All Shook Up

By Daniel Holloway

August 6, 2020


NBCUniversal, like its peers, is having to discard old ideas about troop placement in the age of the streaming wars.

Tech Giants Go to Washington

By Scott Ikeda  

August 10, 2020

Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google were called on the carpet for both anti-competitive behavior and the privacy issues inherent in their commercial data collection practices.

Alba TV

By Cira Pascual Marquina

August 6 2020


Alba TV, a communication initiative for the integration of the peoples of the global South, is broadcast in all of Venezuela, but also has ample presence in social media.

Protesters Make Their Own News

By James Yeh

August 5, 2020

Columbia Journalism Review

Protesters, organizers, and citizen-journalists tell how they’ve been staying informed and informing others, and whether this moment has changed their views on traditional media.