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poetry My name [Inaudible.]

Responding to the shootings in Atlanta’s Gold Spa, poet Patricia Mona Eng uses online quotes of the shooter against the 911 recordings of the Asian woman calling for help.


My name [Inaudible.]

By Patricia Mona Eng

I go by my middle name, Aaron


I played drums [Whispering.]


When I was at Sequoyah High: 1916 Piedmont Road.


It's definitely an outlet Yeah,

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If I'm angry or something Gold Spa.


I go down to my drum set [Inaudible.]


And start hitting stuff Right now.


It just helps So, can help me, come.


My friends say 1916 Piedmont Road.


I am super nice, super Christian Huh?


A deeply religious person I don’t know.


And very quiet [Inaudible.]


I would walk around school That guy,


With a Bible: that’s why. Need police.


Pizza, guns, drums, music, Yeah


family, and God [Whispering.]


This pretty much sums up my life Gold Spa.


It's a pretty good life Gold Spa.


I was saved at Crabapple First Baptist Church [Inaudible.]


They are all praying for me now Sorry.


Just before it happened Thank you.


My parents kicked me out Hiding right now,


And so I was emotional that’s why.


You can believe me when I say They have a gun.


It was not about race [Inaudible.] That’s why.


I just wanted to eliminate Yeah. [Inaudible.] That’s why.


Temptation Um, this is Gold Spa.


And I was pretty much fed up [Whispering.]


And had been kind of I don’t know,


At the end of my rope I’m hiding right now.


And yesterday was just Oh, yeah.


A really bad day [Inaudible.]


For me I don’t know.


And this is just Please come,


What I did. OK?


My name [Inaudible.]


[Whispering.] Thank you.




Patricia Mona Eng is a poet from the Boston area. She has studied poetry in an undergraduate workshop led by J.D. McClatchy and in workshops led by Tom Daley.