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Dispatches From the Culture Wars - November 23, 2021

Inflation is a lie, communism is fun, and twerking is important

Credit,Mike Luckovich | Copyright 2019 Creators Syndicate


The Right’s License to Kill

By Amanda Marcotte

Forget that ever-present right-wing fantasy of a muscular Aryan übermensch in a MAGA hat punching skinny black-clad leftist protesters, Rittenhouse is a more accurate avatar for the dweebs and dirtbags that make up the Trumpian right. 

Unwoke University

By Julia Carrie Wong
The Guardian

The anti-woke institution has no campus, no course catalog, no students, no accreditation. It does have a website.

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Inflation? Another Con

By Max B. Sawicky
In These Times

Elites are sounding the alarm over threats of inflation in order to block Biden’s social spending plan. We shouldn’t fall for it.

The Anti-Vax Right Sets Up Shop in Nashville

By Adam Gold
Rolling Stone

Pseudo-scientists and right-wing heroes like Roger Stone descended upon the Opryland resort in October to spread misinformation. More anti-vax events are popping up around Tennessee.

1619, Politics, and History

By William Hogeland

Two leading historians of the founding period had a rowdy public throwdown over the role of slavery and racism in the U.S. founding, among other things. 

New Age Meets Neofascism

By Lisbeth Latham

The Australian far right has joined forces with New Age spiritualists, snake-oil salesmen, and wellness gurus to take advantage of social alienation caused by the pandemic. Despite the new branding, their anti-union, anti-working-class politics remain the same.

Luxury Communism

By Frédéric Lordon
Le Monde diplomatique

In our imaginations, capitalism has a monopoly on colour, light, and even life itself. If communism is ever to be viable, conceptually and politically, it must reclaim all this. It even needs to stake a claim to luxury — since lux is light. And that is what it’s all about: light in our lives.

Pfilthy Rich

By Jake Johnson
Common Dreams

Moderna, Pfizer, and BioNTech—the makers of the two most successful coronavirus vaccines—are raking in a combined $65,000 in profits every minute as they refuse to share their manufacturing recipes with developing countries, where billions of people still lack access to lifesaving shots.

How I Prepared to Quit

By Charlotte Cowles
New York Magazine

Five women discuss the financial plans they made while preparing to resign and how it’s working out for them so far.

Twerking Shakes the Planet

By Eva Sauphie
The Africa Report

Popularised by music videos and sometimes considered pornographic, this phenomenon has its origins in ancestral Afro-descendant dances and, above all, advocates for a liberation of the body.