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Work, Work, Work—So a Few Can Be Rich

MICHAEL D. YATES Counter Punch
Gravity on a wall:  Shut Down Capitalism Our labor has become a commodity, something bought and sold in the marketplace, no different in principle than raw materials, equipment, and the buildings that house our workplaces.


When Workers Lose Abortion Rights, the Boss Gains a Bargaining Chip

Alex N. Press Jacobin
The Supreme Court’s attack on abortion rights will strengthen employers seeking to maintain their unilateral power over workers within and outside the workplace. Luckily, the labor movement knows that abortion rights are workers’ rights.

Why Does Essential Work Pay So Little... And Cost So Much?

Rebecca Gordon TomDispatch
bus driver waering mask and gloves Students tend to measure fair compensation on two scales. How many years of training and/or dollars of tuition did a worker have to invest to become “qualified” for the job? And how important is that worker’s labor to the rest of society?
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