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Dispatches From the Culture Wars – October 11, 2022

How do you solve a problem like SCOTUS?

Credit, Kanye West/Twitter
  1. Voting For Our Lives
  2. SCOTUS: Problems and Solutions
  3. Kanyes Antisemitism
  4. Military Recruitment in the Ghetto
  5. Kicking Manchin’s Ask
  6. Ciao, Fascism
  7. Rightists’ Secret Abortions
  8. Suing for Houseless Right
  9. Nobelist Annie Ernaux: Class is a Writer's Block
  10. Is Depression Biochemical?


Voting For Our Lives
By William J. Barber and Tope Folarin

As the Poor People’s Campaign has held voter mobilization events around the country, we've seen how the most marginalized are building the power to revive our Constitution’s commitments to establish justice, promote the general welfare, and ensure equal protection under the law.

SCOTUS: Problems and Solutions

Kanyes Antisemitism
By Mira Fox

Who knows why Ye tweeted out his antisemitic conspiracy theories. Maybe he was trying to troll people, maybe it was a publicity stunt or performance art. In the end, it doesn’t really matter; plenty of his fans will absorb his statements uncritically. And regardless of the tweets’ impact, there’s no question they were antisemitic. It’s OK to say that — in fact it’s essential.

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Military Recruitment in the Ghetto
Aina Marzia

Military recruiters count on economic hardship to lure young people of color to sign up. Counter-recruiters are working hard to thwart their efforts.

Kicking Manchin’s Ask
Denali Sai Nalamalapu

Frontline climate leaders just secured a huge win by stopping West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin’s pipeline bill from weaseling into the Senate’s key funding bill. Frontline leaders joined forces together to lobby and call their representatives, tell their stories, and rally in Washington, D.C. and elsewhere, with the support of “Big Green” environmentalists.

Ciao, Fascism
By John Feffer
Foreign Policy in Focus

The same Europeans who quaked at the prospect of Marine Le Pen becoming president in France have been bracing for the impact of far-rightist Giorgia Meloni winning in the September elections in Italy. The fascist Brothers of Italy coming out on top with 26 percent of the vote. One of the reasons for this electoral victory was surely Meloni’s strategic pivot to the center.

Rightists’ Secret Abortions
Leah Hampton

In the wake of abortion rights being overturned is the fundamental tension between progressive Southerners, and conservative white women who quietly take advantage of abortion rights while helping abolish them.

Suing for Houseless Rights
By Tim Redmond

The Coalition on Homelessness and two legal nonprofits filed suit against San Francisco and Mayor London Breed, alleging that the city has failed to provide affordable housing for homeless people and continues to criminalize them with illegal sweeps. The Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights and the ACLU filed the complaint in federal court.

Nobelist Annie Ernaux: Class is a Writer’s Block
By Manuel Cervera-Marzal

The Nobel Literature Prize winner talks about the barriers working-class writers face, the sociological influences on her thought, and how writing about individual experience can express the violence of class domination.

Is Depression Biochemical?
By Carlos L. Garrido
Science for the People

A recent study published in the journal Molecular Psychiatry sent shockwaves across the scientific community and popular outlets as it disproved the predominant “serotonin hypothesis” of depression. Researchers concluded that “there is no convincing evidence that depression is associated with, or caused by, lower serotonin concentrations or activity.”