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Christian Nationalists Have Provoked a Pluralist Resistance

Ruth Braunstein Religion News
As Christian nationalists take advantage of a moment of political precarity to call for a turn toward authoritarian theocracy, the press should be paying attention to those rising up to preserve democracy in America.

This Week in People’s History, June 13 . . .

Photo of attorney Michael Ratner denouncing torture of prisoners at Guantanamo A people's tribune's birthday. Opposing the Vietnam War in 1968. Opposing U.S. imperialism in 1898. Debs' 1918 sedition conviction. A win for abolitionists in 1833. Boycotting Jim Crow in 1953. Thousands say, 'Escalate the war on poverty!' in 1968.

Silent No More

Stewart Acuff Stansbury Forum
It is the families and friends of men who are beaten to death behind bars who suffer the longest. It is the deepest most evil corruption that covers and enables cruelty and torture unto death.

Seven Steps Before the Midterms

Poor People's Campaign
This Declaration to Reconstruct American Democracy was adopted at a Mass Poor Peoples and Low-Wage Workers’ Assembly and Moral March on Washington and to the Polls as a warning and a call to action.
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