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Friday Nite Videos | February 4, 2022

Ukraine War Exposes Racial Disparities in Refugee Treatment. Roger Stone Bolts 'Insurrection Headquarters.' The Drug for Conservatives Who Want to Forget They Praised Putin. How Russian State Media Portray the War. Bernie on Putin and the Oligarchs.

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Ukraine War Expose Racial Disparities in Refugee Treatment

As the Russian invasion of Ukraine escalates, comparisons with past refugee crises highlight a less compassionate approach to displaced people from Africa and the Middle East. #DailyShow #Ukraine

Caught on Tape: Trump Ally Roger Stone Bolts 'Insurrection Headquarters' on Jan. 6

New footage shows Stone calling Trump the “greatest single mistake in American history,” after he learned Trump had pardoned Steve Bannon, and bolting the insurrection central Willard Hotel.

Tyranol: The Drug For Conservatives Who Want to Forget They Praised Putin

Are you a conservative who praised Putin, but now need to hate him? Ask your doctor about Tyranol. #DailyShow

How Russian State Media Is Portraying the War in Ukraine | WSJ

Using maps and disinformation, many television programs are shaping public opinion by justifying Moscow’s decision to attack its neighbor.

Bernie Sanders on Putin and the Oligarchs

Bernie Sanders returns to The Late Show to help Stephen Colbert break down the highlights of President Biden's first State of the Union speech.

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