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poetry I’m No Martian

The Brooklyn poet William J. Harris has something to say about guilt by association as so many of your own best friends have been accused.

I’m No Martian

By William J. Harris


Shit, man, I’m no Martian

My mother was born in Brooklyn Heights

I just went to a couple of Martian meetings

Just went to a few Martian parties

Slept with a few Martian girls

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But shit, man, I ain’t no Martian

William J. Harris is an emeritus professor of American Literature, African American Studies, creative writing and Jazz Studies. He has taught at a number of institutions, including University of Kansas, Penn State and Cornell University. He has three books of poetry: Hey Fella Would You Mind Holding This Piano For A Moment; In My Own Dark Way; and Crooners. The February 2023 issue of Poetry Magazine features a special 44 page folio devoted to his work. Harris lives and writes in Brooklyn, New York.