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poetry Simply Breathing

Three years after the murder of George Floyd on March 25 2020, San Francisco poet Beau Beausoleil offers a limited portfolio of 20 poems as homage and legacy. (More will follow in June.)

Simply Breathing

By Beau Beausoleil


(May 29, 2020)

They told him to stop living

in his skin


They told him that his wings

would never

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grow back


But every time they threw him

to the ground


every time they crushed his



he rose up again

in spirit

and memory


He rose up on

still another of the

sea of flags


that cover this country

like a shroud

from coast

to coast.

Beau Beausoleil is a poet and activist (Al-Mutanabbi Street Starts Here) based in San Francisco, California. This poem is from a limited edition portfolio of 20 poems called, The Killing of George Floyd (Intermittent Press - 2023).