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poetry Our Constitution

Three years after the murder of George Floyd on March 25 2020, San Francisco poet Beau Beausoleil offers a limited portfolio of 20 poems as homage and legacy.

Our Constitution

By Beau Beausoleil


(June 24, 2020)

Upon examination

this document

has been


to have

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one side

written by and for



and a reverse side

that is written for



people of color


It has also been


that this

shadow side

although lacking rights

was still subject to

daily reinterpretation

by the courts

and the slave patrols


And this has

been known

to us all

ever since

the ink

first dried

under the

crow’s wings

of this country.

Beau Beausoleil is a poet and activist (Al-Mutanabbi Street Starts Here) based in San Francisco, California. This poem is from a limited edition portfolio of 20 poems called, The Killing of George Floyd (Intermittent Press - 2023).