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Friday Nite Videos | October 27, 2023

AOC | The Daily Show. A Prison Lullaby for Donald Trump. Unexpected News on Televising Trump’s DC Trial. Angela Davis: 'Palestine Is a Moral Litmus Test.' MAGA Mike Johnson.

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AOC on the Speaker Debacle & a Path to Citizenship | The Daily Show

AOC joins fellow Bronxite Desus Nice to discuss the Republican House speaker mess and other stuff

A Prison Lullaby for Donald Trump

Jail is a dreary place with almost no gold toilets or faux Louis XIV furniture. This lullaby may help.

Judge Issues Unexpected News on Televising Trump's DC Trial

Federal trials are not televised. Here's why this one might be different.

Angela Davis: 'Palestine Is a Moral Litmus Test for the World' | UpFront

Citing the late poet June Jordan, political activist Angela Davis stresses the importance of Palestine for other social justice movements.

MAGA Mike Johnson

From the people who didn't see "Magic Mike" because they thought it would turn them gay comes a brand new Johnson.

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