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Our Revolution Backs ‘Uncommitted’ Campaign Against Biden in Michigan

"We're on a mission to send Biden a message on Gaza in Michigan. Pledge your support for Vote Uncommitted," the group said.

Our Revolution is backing the movement urging voters to select "uncommitted" on the Michigan Democratic primary ballot in an effort to persuade President Joe Biden to stop enabling Israel's war on Gaza.

The group, which grew out of the effort to elect Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) in 2016, is planning to send an email on Wednesday to its 87,000 members in Michigan and around 225,000 national members asking them to vote "uncommitted" on February 27, The New York Times reported. Their efforts will join those of grassroots initiative Listen to Michigan, which launched the uncommitted campaign on February 6 and plans to contact 80% of 128,000 voters in its database. The aim is to send a message to Biden that voters "strongly reject" his "funding war and genocide in Gaza."

"We're on a mission to send Biden a message on Gaza in Michigan," Our Revolution posted on social media Wednesday. "Pledge your support for Vote Uncommitted."

Former Michigan Democratic Rep. Andy Levin, who has endorsed the call, told The New York Times that he thought the effort could be a necessary corrective for the Biden campaign.

"I am working with some people who feel like they will never vote for Joe Biden, but there are many, many, many I feel will vote for Joe Biden on November 5 if he changes course," Levin said. "This is the best way I can help Joe Biden."

While Biden defeated former President Donald Trump in Michigan by around 150,000 votes, Trump only defeated Clinton by around 10,000. The key swing state has a sizable Arab-American population, at more than 211,000 people, and the community is feeling increasingly alienated and disillusioned by Biden's refusal to call for a permanent cease-fire and to stop sending money and weapons to Israel for an assault that has killed at least 28,576 people, including more than 12,300 children, in less than five months.

"Go to the ballot box and send Joe Biden a message."

"Uncommitted Michigan Democrats opposed to Biden's policy in Gaza can demonstrate that we hold his margin of victory for reelection," Listen to Michigan wrote on its website. "Biden must earn our vote through a dramatic change in policy."

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Our Revolution chairman Larry Cohen told The New York Times that his goal was to persuade 10% of Michigan primary voters, or around 20,000 people, to vote "uncommitted." The group will spread its message by phone banking, text banking, and holding events on college campuses.

Before Our Revolution's support, the Listen to Michigan effort had already won the endorsement of more than 30 Michigan elected officials, including state representatives, city council members, and mayors like Dearborn's Abdullah Hammoud. Levin added his voice to the cause on February 9.

Speaking in Ferndale, Michigan, Levin urged voters to select "uncommitted" rather than staying home or voting for Marianne Williamson, who has suspended her campaign, or Rep. Dean Phillips (D-Minn.).

"Go to the ballot box and send Joe Biden a message," Levin said.

Levin added that Biden's Gaza policy was not something that could be fixed by better messaging or political advertising, or by sending representatives to speak with impacted communities.

"The carnage needs to end," Levin said, addressing Biden. "You need to change course and be a peacemaker."

Olivia Rosane is a staff writer for Common Dreams.