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Friday Nite Videos | August 4, 2023

One Company Controls America’s Entire Health Care System. Bob Dylan | A Hard Rain's A Gonna Fall. Reservation Dogs | Season 3. Oppenheimer’s Secret City, Explained. How Humans Change Their Own DNA.

Friday Nite Videos | August 6, 2021

Reporter Confronts MyPillow CEO. 'Hit The Road Mitch!': Schumer's Epic Power Move Remixed. How Can We Afford Medicare for All in Massachusetts? AFL-CIO's Richard Trumka on Racism and Obama. What If the Gulf Stream Current Stopped?

Ady Barkan Testifies on Medicare for All

"Never before have I given a speech without my natural voice. Never before have I had to rely on a synthetic voice to lay out my arguments, convey my most passionately held beliefs, tell the details of my personal story."

What You Need to Know about ACA Enrollment

Jose Jimenez The Praxis Project
There seems to be breaking news everyday on how the ACA is now “dead” but don’t let that confuse you! The enrollment period is STILL coming up this November 1st and many of our friends and family may not even know. Here are the basics you need to know.

Uncovered California: Why Millions Have Fallen Into Health Care Gaps

Sasha Abramsky Capital and Main
“Uncovered California” is a three-part series of stories and videos examining how the Golden State is trying to fill holes in its health care coverage. Sasha Abramsky’s articles look at working people who are falling through coverage cracks, and at what’s being done to help community college students gain access to mental health services. Debra Varnado reports on efforts to expand the role of nurse practitioners to increase medical services for low-income Californians.


A Nickel a Ticket Makes Health Care Affordable

William Rogers Left Labor Reporter
Airline food service workers on January 29 launched a nationwide campaign for affordable health care by holding demonstrations and other actions in cities across the US.
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