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Friday Nite Videos | March 3, 2023

The History of Women's History Month. Trump Train Visit Cold Open | SNL. East Palestine Trump Voters Speak About the Rail Disaster. Alaska Daily 2023 Trailer. The Truth Behind “Self-Made” Billionaires | Robert Reich.

Alaska Daily 2023 Trailer

Alaska Daily examines what drives local reporters to dig into stories, beginning with the unsolved cases of missing Indigenous women

Results and Analysis From Alaska’s First RCV Election

Deb Otis FairVote
According to a new poll from Patinkin Research Strategies, 85% of Alaskans said ranking is simple and 95% said they received instructions on how to complete their ranked choice ballot – indicative of the Alaska Division of Elections great voter education efforts.

Water Is Life. Can We Protect It?

Robin Broad, John Cavanagh Otherwords
If ordinary people can overcome powerful companies to protect their water in a poor country like El Salvador, imagine what their counterparts can do here.

How Star Wars Came to Alaska

Jeffrey St. Clair CounterPunch
It’s the old Cold War routine repeated once again: The money goes south, but the risk and the waste stays up in Alaska.

‘Somebody Intervened in Washington’

lec MacGillis Pro Publica
How ConocoPhillips overcame years of resistance from courts, native Alaskans, environmental groups and several federal agencies is the story of how Washington really works.


Anchorage Unions Protest Proposed Labor Law Revision

Kyle Hopkins Anchorage Daily News
A large demonstration was held in Anchorage to protest the Mayor's attempt to institute sweeping changes he believes are needed to streamline labor negotiations and deliver city services cheaper and more efficiently. As written, the plan would limit raises, eliminate the right to strike and give the Assembly the final word on stalled labor disputes, among many new provisions.
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